5 Dollar Shakes – Review

5 Dollar Shakes Promo 3

Ladies and Gents, meet Indie rockers 5 Dollar Shakes! These strapping Irish lads have recently released brilliantly catchy single ‘Auxiliary Love’, lifted from their promising second EP Come & See Enough To Stay. The EP itself is a little 4-tracker gem, that features an obvious indie influence, with shimmers that hark back to anthemic hits in the alternative rock scene. Without doubt, a large, polished step-up from their debut ‘Back To The Start Again’ – though also great listening.

Formed back in 2012, 5 Dollar Shakes (note Pulp Fiction reference!) take inspiration from Tarantino’s style – combining familiar influences with their own special twist to create something original – but relatable. Nice! It’s clear to hear where these boys are heading – their aim is to create powerful stadium-worthy songs that thousands can chant to,  backed with a strong merge of big, theatrical indie-pop and rock. ‘Auxiliary Love’ does just that, a cracker to end the EP.

The beauty of what these chaps do, is that they have cleverly created music that has a wide appeal across a range of genres that the mass are drawn to. Their tracks are catchy, fun, easy listening and full of energy and power – the perfect ingredients to make a success! Watch this space.








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