Matt Steady – ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Gold’ Album Preview


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Discovering artists like the brilliant Matt Steady is why I blog. He represents a huge amount of independent artists that I long to support as much as I can; artists that craft their music with care, detail and hard work.

Blood Is Thicker Than Gold‘ is a great, folk inspired debut album – with a slightly heavy twist. One thing I noticed while previewing this album was that the lyrics run deeper than you’d think, telling delicate stories that lie behind the music and his raspy, rugged vocals. Although it’s easy to hear that the album lies in the rusty, folk-rock genre, Matt’s broad palette of musical genres – jazz, celtic and blues, are hugely apparent throughout the record. His classical training also plays a major role in this album, it’s cleverly constructed with layers of texture, especially in the instrumental-heavy tracks.

The album is a wholesome composition,  recorded, produced and performed by Matt, and aided by Swedish, freelance  drummer Niklas J. Blixt,  and a select number of other hugely talented musicians. He has poured himself entirely into this record, and it’s personal – his Matt’s daughter even features on one of the tracks with delicate, silky vocals!  I like that in a way it doesn’t sound too polished, that there’s this rustic edge to it – you can hear him laughing with someone at the end of a track, you can envisage him just chilling in the studio, with his guitar (or drums….or fiddle…or bass…or banjo…or keyboard…get where I’m going with this?!) just singing his heart out and just truly enjoying the process that comes with making an original album –  taking himself seriously enough to get the job done, but not overplaying that seriousness  – and the product of this attitude is a damn good record that you could easily, and happily listen to the whole way through. ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Gold‘ is  an organic, earthy and honest listen; it’s been an absolute privilege to preview it.  Give it a go – it’s a corker.


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