Stone Roots – Paint the Town EP Review


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There seems to be a certain stereotype of genre and style when associating music with Cornwall.. Beachy melodies, hazy vocals, acoustic guitars galore…  Well I’ve found a band that blow that silly notion out the water!!

Introducing ‘Stone Roots’, a fabulous four-piece funk-pop band who go by the names of Holly Turton  (vocals), Chez Jeffery (Guitar) Harry Bosworth (Bass) and Will Harris (Drums).

Hailing from the coast, their debut EP ‘Paint the Town’ screams influences of jazz, funk, pop and sunshiny days by the sea. Considering these guys have been together for not much more than a year, they are making big sounds which promise big potential. Taking artist influences like Sia, Paloma Faith and the late Amy Winehouse, Stone Roots have created what I think is a really refreshing, organic sound – distinctive and memorable melodies with clever lyrics.

It is so great to see and hear young bands creating and merging their own interpretation of genres, and ‘Paint the Town’ absolutely delivers in quality and musicianship.


My personal favourite track of the mini-record is  ‘Tease’ –  from the very start I loved it! Like all their tracks, this song has a catchy chorus, fun riffs, and suits lead singer Holly to a huge, capital ‘t’, who has a gorgeous, pop-style vocal and delivers impressive little, sneaky runs throughout (which seem to come incredibly naturally) – but what made me love it even more was watching the band perform this track on youtube (see above) – as you’ll see, forming together in such a short space of time is completely irrelevant for Stone Roots, the chemistry these guys have is so infectious, and so natural, you’d think they’ve been around for years – at the end of it all – they’re just a fab bunch of pals, having a laugh and creating some damn good tracks along the way! Stone Roots have a very big and bright future ahead, I just can’t wait to hear more!

If you’re looking for the perfect summer EP for 2015, look no further!



I was born before the world knew how to look the other way.
‘I am’ by Darya Farha    


Once commission, One composer. One poet. One legacy.

A canadian poet, therapist, filmmaker and clothing designer with a passion for modern dance; Darya Farha was a woman of extraordinary significance. She was sharp, intelligent and held a dry sense of humour; loved by many. In 2011, Darya tragically died from breast cancer.

Developed by the composer Daniel Patrick Cohen, Reciprocity is an incredible piece inspired by six poems by Darya, commissioned by her sister, Juliana Farha. Reciprocity is not a personal tribute, and it’s not a ‘cancer piece’. One may suggest that Daniel had a huge task ahead of him-  how on earth do you create a piece of music that although contains Darya’s work, isn’t a musical eulogy? How do you compose a piece that doesn’t say ‘health awareness’ written all over it?  Well the only way to know is to experience this moving, enchanting 28’ chamber work for voice, taped narration, eight celli, piano, and percussion live on Wednesday 10th June at the Forge, Camden.

Experience Darya’s work with it’s ‘humanity, joy, dark humour and occasional despair’ come to life  in two days’ time, the premiere will feature the captivating young jazz singer Alice Zawadzki.

Reciprocity is touching, amusing, sparkling. And Juliana captures the essence of  this piece beautifully: That’s art, I think: work that finds its origins in the particular, and then transcends them.

Exclusive – Peur Unveil New EP ‘Future Architects’

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 Alternative Rock is a genre that I feel is looking for ‘the next big thing’.  Manchester based ‘Peur’ ( Joseph Lomax, Ryan Clarke Greenhalgh and Samuel Tempest) have recently released ‘Future Architects’ – an outstanding EP that delivers outrageous noise, energy and melodies. As you’ll read below, bands like Lostprophets initially  influenced these boys in the style of music, but they’ve made this EP entirely their own with beautifully clear, distinctive vocals with huge range, catchy riffs and deep lyrics. As far as this blog is concerned, Peur are the answer to Alternative Rock’s next big thing in the UK. Meander is lucky enough to have the official, exclusive interview for the band post EP release:


Hi! How’s it going? What have you been getting up to?

It’s all good in camp Peur, we’ve been trying our best to gig as much as possible while organising some pretty awesome things behind the scenes!

Share a bit of your background with us, how and when did Peur come about?

We all met at primary school (about 10 years old) and were great friends. We only started playing music together when we were around 16, we always knew we would form a band just took us a while to pull our fingers out.

Where did the name Peur [meaning ‘fear’ in French] come from?

During the creation of our first E.P we engaged in a yearlong name war. Eventually, after we thought we had exhausted every possible option, Joe pulled “Peur” from the clouds and we ran with it.

Describe your music in a sentence.

Loud as God.



What’s your journey been like so far as an independent band? Do you feel like you’ve received support both on and offline from the start?

It’s been pretty wild, I’m fascinated we have received as much press on and offline as we have. We really are indebted to all of our fans who have shared and shouted about our music, without all the people who have helped us along the way we wouldn’t be were we are now.

I know Huw Stephens has played your music on BBCR1…what was it like receive support through an outlet with such a huge circulation?

Absolutely amazing, we were so chuffed when they announced it. We’ve been able to tick “get played on radio 1” off our band bucket list.

Your new EP ‘Future Architects’ came out on June 1st congrats!  – how do you feel it’s been received?

Very well it seems. Loads more people have bought it than I expected, and we’ve had lots of kind messages from everyone who’s picked it up. We’ve been sat on the E.P for a while so its great that people can finally get their hands on it and let us know what they think.

How does it differ to previously released music? From a listeners’ perspective it really sounds like your music has evolved in a big way and that you’ve explored different genres during the creation of the EP…

We have definitely matured a bit as musicians and we really wanted to experiment with sounds and time signatures more than we did in WCBA. We spent more time in the studio getting everything perfect from recording techniques to mixing and mastering. Overall we are really happy with what came out at the end of the process.

What is/are your personal favourite track(s) from the EP?

Explosions. I just love the heavy riffs and its so much fun to play live.

Who are your greatest musical influences?

Lostprophets, Biffy Clyro, 65daysofstatic, to name a few. I would say Lostprophets are the band that got us all into the ‘rock band’ lark.

If you could collaborate with any artist/band who would it be with and why?

65daysofstatic, just because they are outrageously talented. I bet recording in the studio with them would be incredible, plus I would love to see their writing process.

What do you all get up to in your spare time?

We all play video games and watch B-movies, fairly mundane really.

What would your advice be to anyone who is considering a career as an independent artist with the music industry more competitive than ever?

It’s the most rewarding thing you will ever do but don’t expect it to be easy. Also try not to take yourself too seriously, there’s nothing worse than a band that are so serious they clearly aren’t even enjoying what they are doing. Closing statement: Money is your worst enemy.